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LA Banks Auction

As some of you probably know, author L.A. Banks has been diagnosed with advanced cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Like many in the entertainment community, L.A. Banks is self-employed and without health insurance. Last year she appeared with President Obama at a town hall meeting to speak about health insurance reform. You can see her speech here.

Share Your Heart. Help LA Banks by Bidding Early and Often in the Auction.
From the auction website:

The romance community has gathered as a group to honor and support a beloved friend, mentor, leader, and author named Leslie Esdaile “LA” BANKS. We represent published and aspiring authors, editors, agents, readers, friends & fans, military veterans, artists, marketing & promotional professionals, publishers, several different conferences, and RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine.

On Tuesday, June 21st at 9PM EST, you can click on the Button above to be taken to the front page of our LA Banks Auction eBay Store where you can see the entire listing with all the up-to-the-minute auction data or you can click on any Blue eBay Number below to be taken directly to that specific auction page where you can place your bid. If you are a professional in the publishing industry, you might enjoy our conference and marketing packages or perhaps you’d prefer all of the fun stuff. If you’d rather enjoy being a fan-girl or fan-guy, there are autographed books, movies, challenge coins, and rare collectibles galore.